Wreck: No monday off after Easter

Sara Kozlowski

Quinnipiac and other colleges across the nation are often generous with the amount of days given to relax on the highly popular “spring break.” More often than not, universities will allow students to spend time with friends and family from their hometown for upwards of a week or more, depending on the university. This year Quinnipiac closed the university from March 8 through March 16, which is around the same time the school’s spring break took place last year, as well.

However, what bothers many students about Quinnipiac’s spring break is not the length of days given off, but the week chosen for spring break to take place. For example, in recent years, Quinnipiac usually chooses the first or second weekend of March to begin spring break. But many students believe having spring break around Easter would be much more beneficial for not only students, but for faculty and administration alike.

It is often difficult for students to make it back to school Sunday night and forces them to cut short their Easter festivities and celebrations with family, just so that they can make it to make it to class on Monday. It seems to take away from the holiday spirit if students have to leave halfway through dinner, especially for those who live outside of Connecticut because they need to travel farther.

Easter will always be on a Sunday, so every year returning back to Quinnipiac on Easter will always serve as a huge inconvenience. If spring break can’t revolve around Easter, then what about having the Monday following Easter off so no one is forced to rush their holiday? This would also allow those who celebrate Passover to have an extra day to celebrate. Even creating a half-day on the Monday after Easter would help immensely. Anything is better than nothing. But, sadly, we may be wishing for more than what can be granted.