Students speak up

Amanda Hoskins

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“I think Ukraine is just going to be a big huge mess and it’s going to cause a lot of issues with the Ukraine and Russia. I think it is going to have a lot of back effects on us and Obama…I don’t think we should be doing anything. I think that we should almost let them deal with their own issues because it is not involving us yet.” -Taylor Frawley, sophomore


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“Crimea has a very large population that speaks Russian and it is basically loyal to Russia as opposed to the Ukraine so that’s a little sketchier because technically it is still a part of Ukraine, but I understand especially with the stances they have taken recently…I do not want to see U.S. boots on the ground at all. I think that if anything the UN should get involved  especially since Russia is one of the five countries involved in the UN security council, they are not assuming the role that they should be in this sort of conflict. They are instigating things instead of actually trying to work towards de-escalating the mounting protest.”

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“I am not surprised because I think that Russia would look for a weak link and kind of attack it…I think that currently the U.S. has its hands in enough situations but I think it is something that should be addressed prior to there being an issue.” -Maura Desharnais, sophomore


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“I don’t think that Russia should be doing anything. It really is not their business. I don’t think we should do anything either.” -Adam Friedman, sophomore