News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

College student studying abroad found dead

It was confirmed on Saturday that 21-year-old John Durkin, a Bates College student who was studying abroad in Italy, was found dead, according to NBC Connecticut. The undergraduate, who went missing on Thursday after going out with friends in Rome, was found dead in a train tunnel. Durkin was a linebacker on the Bates football team and was selected with six others to study in Rome through a Trinity College program. The death is still being investigated, according to NECN; however, police say the death is not suspicious.


Drug lord captured after decade

The world’s most wanted drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was captured over the weekend after being found in a beach-side condo tower in Mexico. Wire tapes and informants played a role in the finding of Guzman. The DEA, U.S. Immigration and Mexican officials worked together to track Guzman down at the condo. The U.S. attorney general says Guzman can be connected to the death of millions. Federal prosecutors are pushing to have Guzman transferred to face trials in the United States, but some believe he should be trialed in Mexico because he killed many on Mexican soil, according to CNN.


Army to face potential reduction

The Department of Defense will potentially be cutting down the size of the U.S. army, making it smaller than prior to WWII. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the possible proposal of the reduction, according to the New York Times. Due to new technology in the past decades, the Pentagon says it does not need the same high numbers. Possible cuts will be made in weapon spending and personnel. This proposal is expected to be extremely controversial in Congress, according to CNN, due to questions being raised with politics and national security.