Rave: Au Bon Pain’s hot chocolate

Michelle D'Agostino

notcococMatt Eisenberg

What is the best way to prepare for the seeming endless snowstorms headed for Quinnipiac this winter? Warm up with a toasty order of Au Bon Pain’s steaming hot chocolate. This seasonal delicacy is a highly demanded menu item among a majority of students all year round. With the option of adding whipped cream, this delectable drink is perfect if you’re looking for rich milk chocolate with a sweet twist. Made with your choice of nutritious milk or water, you are still able to stick with your New Year’s resolution of eating healthier.

     Au Bon Pain, a café and bakery found across the Northeast, is a desirable addition to the Mount Carmel Dining Hall. For students who wish to fulfill their chocolate craving, this is the one place to go get it. The hot chocolate makes a delightful pair with Au Bon Pain’s breakfast sandwiches or wraps on a frosty winter morning. Or, you can grab this drink on your way to a lengthy lecture due to its quick mixture that takes minutes. Whenever you do purchase this tasty treat, you will never feel bad about breaking into your meal plan money. It is one of the cheapest snack items, totaling less than $3, this drink is arguably the best bang for your buck. After all, hard-working college students deserve to treat themselves without emptying their wallet.

     Students eagerly endure the long Au Bon Pain line daily to make sure they have a hot chocolate in their hand. Most can say there is nothing more comforting than receiving a warm cup from a smiling employee and the ability to drink it all as soon as it arrives. Another bonus is that this perfectly smooth drink replicates Hershey’s kisses and will leave you relaxed throughout your busy school day. It’s impossible to be stressed out with a medium-sized cup of love within reach. So don’t be afraid and go give yourself a late Valentine’s Day gift by indulging into this savory chocolate decadence the next time you are in the student center.