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    Keep in touch using new technology over break

    There are less than four weeks left in the semester, and before students realize it they will be done with finals and packing up for the summer.

    While some students are excited to go home and relax for three months without the pressures of classes, others are trying to cope with the thought of three months without some of their closest friends.

    With many students leaving Hamden and Connecticut altogether, technology has made it easier than ever for students to keep in touch.

    “One of the easiest ways to talk with people is through e-mail,” junior history major, Ellen Brown, said. “Everyone is on such a different schedule its nice to just be able to e-mail and get back to people whenever you have a chance instead of playing phone tag.”

    Phones continue to be an extremely easy way for people to say a quick hello without actually talking.

    “With my camera phone I can send my roommates a picture of something we would always joke about or things we loved during the year,” junior education major Victoria Johnson said. “I remember over the winter break sending a picture of this funny shirt I saw at the mall to my roommates and we can always text message each other with quick little hellos or to say I miss you”.

    Some students will make a special effort to meet up with their friends over the break. “I got tickets to the Dave Matthews concert in June that a bunch of us from QU are going to meet at,” Danielle Mooers, a junior psychology major said. “It is going to be the perfect time because we will have been gone for a month and it will be nice to see everyone again.”

    Weekend getaways become a nice way for students to meet up with their friends. “Since I work during the weeks I will take some long weekends to go visit my roommates” Brown said.

    For some students the summer will be the first time they will get to see some of their friends. “Since I spent this semester in London, I can’t wait to come home and see my friends,” Meredith Roberts, a junior public relations major said. “We couldn’t talk on the phone much so I will be excited to get back in calling distance because I will call them all the time over break”.

    “I’m lucky that most of my friends live in the tri-state area, it is so easy for all of us to meet up for a night in the city,” Roberts said.

    Whether or not you choose to stay in touch with your friends this summer we all know that as soon as you come back to QU students will easily fall back into the swing of things with friends and have a summer full of memories to share.

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