That Awkward Moment: A Not-So-Awkward Movie

Jeanette Cibelli

Well, Zac Efron has certainly put his Disney days behind him. The actor stars in “That Awkward Moment,” which came out in theatres on Jan. 31.  This raunchy yet touching comedy is director and writer Tom Gormican’s first major film.

Set in present day New York City, three friends, Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), find themselves at a crossroads in their romantic lives. Jason and Daniel, two 20-somethings working together as book cover designers, spend their evenings trolling in bars, picking up women to fill their “rosters” with the help of their smart and alluring wingwoman, Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis).

Absent from their debauchery is Mikey, a married doctor, but that soon changes when Mikey’s wife, Vera (Jessica Lucas), abruptly uproots their relationship. In an effort to lift Mikey’s spirits, the trio agrees to stay single together, but their plans go awry when Jason meets a mysterious woman named Ellie (Imogen Poots) and Daniel and Mikey grow closer to the women in their lives.

As the title promises, the film features several awkward moments, notably a miscommunication about a costume party. However, there is a somewhat unexpected emotional aspect to the film that has the audience experiencing indecision, regret and true friendship alongside the characters.

Jordan gives an outstanding performance as Mikey, revealing vulnerability and sensitivity often not portrayed in young men.  His insecurities strike a common chord with audiences, but nothing makes him more relatable than when he digs into a carton of ice cream to numb his pain. Despite the increase in profanity and vulgarity, Efron maintains his usual charming yet unrealistic heartthrob persona of “High School Musical” and “The Lucky One.”

“That Awkward Moment” will have you laughing and cringing and, with Valentine’s Day approaching, this movie would make for a great date or night out with friends.