News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

Maryland mall shooting

Two store employees were killed after 19-year-old Darion Marcus Aguilar fired shots in a busy mall in Columbia, Maryland Saturday morning. Following the shots, he proceeded to shoot himself, according to CNN. Police discovered the gun was purchased last month, and inside of the bag he carried into the mall were two homemade bombs. The police are still investigating a motive, and found a journal in his home that expressed general unhappiness with his life.

Royal Caribbean ship carrying stomach bug

A fast-moving stomach bug, claimed by the CDC to sicken roughly 21 million people per year, has infested more than 300 passengers and crew members aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship which departed out of New Jersey. The ship bypassed its usual stop in Haiti and went directly to Puerto Rico where the ship was sanitized and boarded by health officials from the center of disease control, according to NBC news. Royal Caribbean passengers are responding well to the over-the-counter medications and the ship will continue on its route.

Heightened protection in Sochi

The U.S. State Department warns Americans traveling to Sochi for the Olympics to take extra precautions as the U.S. Homeland Security will do the same. Last week, the State Department issued a travel alert for the Russian region, warning travelers of the bombings and abductions commonly occurring in Russia. FBI members landed in Sochi this week, according to CNN, to work with the Russians to ensure Americans will be safe. Two warships have been placed in the Black Sea, with helicopter launch pads ready in case of emergency. Americans are warned not to wear patriotic colors outside of the already created “ring of steel” in Sochi. The U.S. will continue to take necessary action in protection.

Ukraine revolt continues

In Eastern Europe, the ongoing revolt against the Ukraine government intensified Sunday when protesters took over a building in the capital city, according to CNN. The Ukraine president rejected the people’s offer to include members of the opposition in the government. This protest, which destroyed a convention center where security forces were based, is not the only official building that has been destroyed, according to CNN. Protesters are in control of five buildings across capital city, Kiev, and at least 12 others across the country. The protests began on Nov. 21 after the president’s cabinet announced they are no longer part of an agreement which would have strengthened ties with the European Union, according to ABC. The president said he instead wanted to create a closer cooperation with Moscow. On Jan. 22, the first three protest deaths occurred. An agreement is not in the near future.

NSA documents leaked

Social media has now become an important aspect to understanding world events for the National Security Agency. It was discovered Monday that thanks to a leak from former NSA member Edward Snowden, spies are hacking into everyday websites, including Facebook and YouTube. Documents taken from NSA computers, used by Snowden, reveal a program that allows the U.S. and British intelligence agencies to specifically look at different social media outlets and see what posts are being looked at and liked on Facebook. For example, on Feb. 13, 2012, two videos were repeatedly watched of protests that occurred in the past. With this information, it was predicted that another rally and protest would soon take place. When this did, the rally was much smaller because the government was able to control it. The actions of the NSA is legal activity being done by the U.S., however questions are being raised about the extent the British are using this.

Keep an eye out for:

US in Somalia

The United States military launched a missile strike Sunday in Somalia, which according to NBC, was intended for a senior Al-Queda and Al-Shabaab leader. Back in October, members of the U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six raided the city searching for a foreign fighter commander for Al-Shabab. Keep your eyes open for information regarding this attack. As of Monday, the U.S. Military and Intelligence officials were still determining whether the attacks were successful.

The State of the Union

President Obama spoke last night with his State of the Union address. The president was rarely seen by the public last week as his administration wanted to focus on the speech and writing each of its parts.

Clinton dynasty back in office

Many have been talking about whether or not Hillary Clinton will be running for president in the 2016 election, but according to Clinton, although Republican candidates are already making their remarks, she is not yet thinking about the election. Clinton has not announced whether or not she will be running, but the attacks on her character have already began to clog the internet, according to NBC. Stay tuned for more about Clinton as the 2016 election may be closer than it seems.