New Year, New You

Kellie Mason

Second semester you may find yourself sliding into a routine slump. Your study routine seemed to work last semester but it’s starting to feel boring. Your exercise routines are so dull you feel like you’re turning into a fitness zombie.

2014 has just begun and now is not the time to settle. The new year is a time to reflect on past experiences and figure out ways to better your life. Here are some ways to recharge your semester.

The best way to get out of the “spring slide” is to simply find new things to do. Most of the time you forget that little things, like smiling more or joining a new club, will crush the slump that you were in last semester. Even if you find yourself thinking that there really is nothing that needs improvement, you can always add on to your daily routine.

This is the second half to the academic year but it’s also a brand new semester entirely. You will have new professors who don’t know you, so push yourself a little more than you did last semester with your studies. Attend office hours, form study groups and read the required books.

Sometimes the last thing you want to focus on is school work because that’s causing you to get into a slump. Realize that each semester counts, grades can determine scholarship or getting into an honors society. Maybe you’re tired of going to the library everyday to study. Look into studying in the Carl Hansen Student Center instead.

Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this semester. Once you have all of your classes it will be easy to gauge how much time you have to put into your studies and how often you will need to see the professor during office hours. Put the list in a place where you will be reminded daily like your iPhone background or in your planner.

Spring semester activities and classes are about to begin, so now is the best time to look into new activities that you can get involved in.

Maybe you’re not entirely enthusiastic about eating food from the cafeteria again. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and try new recipes that can be made in your room. Try to print out 10-minute meal recipes and put them in the kitchen, rather than searching for a recipe when you are in a rush.

Yoga is also a different form of exercise that can easily be added into your life. There are plenty of YouTube videos for beginners and the Fitness Center offers a myriad of classes. If you’re getting sick of the same cardio routine, try a Zumba class that incorporates cardio and dance into one exercise.

Another great way to keep yourself motivated this semester is to display positive affirmations on posters in your room or on your laptop background. A positive outlook on life is important and a simple quote can really help you see your life in a bigger picture.