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News outside the Quinnipiac campus

December 2013

12.5.13 — Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected president, passed away at 95 years old. Mandela was a leader in the struggle of racial oppression throughout South Africa.

12.13.13 —  Student Karl Pierson, 18, brought a shotgun to Arapahoe High School in Denver, Colo., where he shot and injured a 17-year-old girl and later killed himself. The victim he shot was pronounced dead on December 21.


Harvard postponed final exams and closed buildings after the police department received an email shortly before 9 a.m. claiming explosives may be in three academic buildings. Afterward authorities found the threat was a hoax initiated by a student who did not want to take his final exam.

January 2014

1.1.14 — The Affordable Care Act went into effect. More than 2 million people were signed up, according to NBC, and by the conclusion of March, every American is required to have health insurance.

1.3.14 — A large snowstorm swept through the northeast, leaving states such as New York and New Jersey in states of emergency. Thousands of flights were canceled, leaving travelers stuck following the holidays. Blizzard warnings were seen in many parts of the coast, while states such as the Carolinas reached record-breaking lows.

1.14.14 — A 12-year-old boy open fired in his school gymnasium in Roswell, N.M., critically injuring two students. The boy had his gun hidden in his instrument case, which he revealed after entering the gymnasium. After being taken into custody, it is believed that he acted alone.

1.17.14 — The Associated Press released a document showing Pope Benedict took away the rights of nearly 400 priests between 2011 and 2012 in order to exercise the powers of the ministry because they had been molesting children.

1.17.14 — Kabul faced what NBC news calls the deadliest attack on foreign civilians since the war with Afghanistan began. Of the 21 people killed by the Taliban, three were American citizens. The White House has condemned the attack.

Keep your eyes open for news about:

Chris Christie of New Jersey — The recently re-elected Republican from New Jersey won the election in a state that has been leaning democrat by a 60 percent to 38 percent victory. Many rumors exist that with this win, he will run for president in the coming 2016 election.

Immigration in the House and Senate — With President Barack Obama winning much of the Latino vote this past year, immigration reform has been the top priority in the presidents’ term. Many are anxious to see which type of action will take place in the House concerning immigration reform in the coming year.

Pope Francis — Although Pope Francis assumed his position in March 2013, he has emphasized the world’s economic issues more than social issues, and brought a new direction to the papacy. His actions will remain prominent in the news in the coming months as many Americans question whether this will have an impact on the Catholic Church within the U.S.


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