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Study spots on campus

In the midst of finals, throughout all of campus, students are studying in every nook and cranny they can find where there is just a little bit of silence. The Chronicle has found the good and the bad of different study spots plus a few studying tips.

Arnold Bernhard Library

The library is a great place to study on campus and every student knows they can go there to find a quiet study spot. The only problem with the library is with its popularity, it can be difficult to find a seat during finals week.

“The library is the worst place to study this time of year because there are never any seats and people get really loud because there aren’t any librarians,” freshman nursing major Gina Miele said.

Sophomore Greg Mayer, an International Business major disagrees.

“I like to study at the library because I get distracted easily and the cubicles make it so that I can concentrate better,” he said. “My tip for studying is to listen to the band Explosions in the Sky, great music and no lyrics so you don’t get distracted.”

Senior accounting major Emily Greco, however, finds the same issue with studying in the library as Miele.

“I feel like I waste more time going to campus and then trying to find an open spot in the library this time of year is near impossible,” Greco said.

Greco recommends students to take breaks from studying.

“Remember to always take breaks and get a good nights sleep because it is proven that your brain stops retaining information when you are tired,” she said.

Quiet Rooms

Certain residence halls have study rooms in them such as Commons, Irma/Dana, Eastview, Crescent and others. You don’t have to live in the buildings to use those rooms and students say they tend to be quiet, for the most part.

Freshman occupational therapy major Courtney Devin likes to study in the quiet rooms in Commons.

“I like it because it’s in my building so I don’t have to walk outside, which is great especially when it’s snowing,” she said. “I get a lot of work done but sometimes my friends distract me.”

Devin recommends students to make charts and flashcards to help them study.

Empty Classrooms

Empty classrooms on the Mount Carmel and the North Haven campuses are great places to study for finals with groups because a lot of other study spots tend to be “quiet areas.” Echlin and College of Arts and Sciences are usually the best places for empty classrooms.

Junior occupational therapy major Sam Chmura likes to study on the North Haven campus in a study room or an empty classroom.

“It works out well because I don’t have to deal with the craziness of the overly packed library during finals,” Chmura said.

Junior economics major Connor Rice says studying in a group can help you retain information.

“It helps to study with my classmates because it makes me more confident when I go into the test and that way you can double check that everything you are studying is correct,” he said.

Your own bedroom

Your bedroom can be a great place to study, or an incredibly distracting place to study. Roommates can be distracting because everyone is on their own schedule. Some students; however, find it more convenient, especially if they live off campus.

Sophomore nursing major Shana Maglio studies in the Arnold Bernhard Library because she says her roommates divert her attention from studying.

“I get distracted easily in my room because I live with all my friends and most people tend to live with their friends. It’s easy to get caught up in a conversation with roommates and get distracted,” she said.

For senior political science major Lou Poggioli; however, he finds studying in his room helpful.

“I study in my room because I like to be alone while studying, the library is a bit too crowded for me,” he said. “As far as any tips are concerned, students should find something to block the outside world out while studying, for me it’s listening to music but its different for other people.”

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