News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Julia Perkins

LAX shooti

Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, has been charged with murder of a federal officer and commissioner of violence in an international airport after he shot and killed Transportation Security Administration officer Gerardo Hernandez on Nov. 1, according to CNN. According to reports, Cianci walked up to to a TSA checkpoint and shot the officer with a .223-caliber assault rifle. This was the first TSA officer to die in the line of fire since the creation of the agency. Seven other TSA workers were also wounded, according to NBC. The shooter was shot and currently remains unresponsive, according to CNN. Ciancia had a note on him that harshly bashed the government, especially the TSA, according to NBC. The shooting is still under investigation.

New Haven mayoral candidates final debate

The New Haven mayoral candidates had their final debate on Sunday Nov. 3. The candidates discussed whether the city police have the necessary tools to fight the many crimes in New Haven. State Senator Toni Harp feels the city does have the necessary tools, however, Alderman Justin Elicker disagrees. He mentioned the recent shooting at the Key Club Cabaret and the failed attempt by New Haven to have state approval to tax nightclubs to cover the burdens they put on the city’s police, according to the New Haven Register. Mayor John DeStafano Jr., is leaving office after 20 years, but he has faith that one of the candidates will succeed, according to the New Haven Register.

Maine Governor announces sexual orientation

The U.S. Representative and Democratic gubernatorial, Mike Michaud of Maine, announced on Monday, Nov. 4, that he is gay. The announcement came in an opinion piece for the newspaper. He is the eighth member of Congress to come out as gay and, if he wins, he will be the first openly gay candidate to be elected governor, according to CNN. He wrote in his editorial that his sexuality has nothing to do with his ability to lead the state. The state voted democrat in the past presidential election and does allow same sex marriage.