News is too celebrity-driven

Nate Sharir

The media has a strong appetite for news stories. They are always in a search to uncover the juiciest occurrences to showcase. Typically, journalists would attempt to report on the most important news stories of the day in order to keep their subscribers following the media outlet of their choice. However, in order to do so, the news media frequently changes their focus from world events to the private lives of trendy Hollywood celebrities. Most media outlets are willing to sacrifice their integrity in order to supply the latest entertainment dirt to keep the public’s attention.

Celebrities’ private lives provide fodder for vast amounts of otherwise-unused column inches, airtime, and bandwidth. The coverage also entices members of society to keep paying attention to what celebrities do while they are under the watchful eye of the professional media. In particular, Michael Jackson is a celebrity that the media finds to be a significant mark in the entertainment genre while he is on trial. The more accusations of illegal behavior come to light, the more of time the media stays on his trail. Some channels, like Entertainment Television, are turning Jackson’s private life into a repugnant spectacle. Such specialized material concerning Jackson’s experiences in court include trial re-enactments on E! and original television movies on VH-1.

The most shameful aspect of this entire affair is that the amount of professionalism in the news media is decreasing. What used to be hard-hitting television news coverage is now turning into a media circus that is focusing on glamour and star-power. It also shows the state of society as a whole as well. More people are interested in how Jackson’s trial is going to turn out and how Martha Stewart plans to reshape her life after her experiences in jail. What we are left with is a society that is mostly in tune with that of pop culture and not completely in the know of world events.

There is a way that society can improve itself. If more people are willing to switch over from celebrity news coverage to real hard-hitting news, there is a better chance that society would be better in tune with what is going on around them.

What is also important to consider is that the concept of time plays an important role in all of this. Nothing always lasts forever, and eventually, Michael Jackson’s trial will come to pass, just as it has been with other people like O.J. Simpson. Also, the attention of the media on celebrities at some point will ware off and the media will change their focus to another event or occurrence. After all, the news media works in a pattern – after a news occurrence takes place and has been covered and supplied for the public, there will be another one to take its place. It’s a cycle that is in continuous motion and will always be in effect.