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Views on Campus: Through the eyes of the SGA president

By: Matt Desilets

Every Wednesday there is a parade of suits and dresses within the student center; our 41 members are an unusual sight within the sea of sweatshirts and MacBooks. There are always curious whispers and glances as we pass.

Quinnipiac’s Student Government Association seems to only be known for our attire on Wednesdays. Over the last three years, I have continuously been asked, “What does SGA actually do?” People like to tell me that SGA does nothing.

This is a stereotype that motivates SGA to continue to fulfill its mission. We are a group of 41 members that are truly passionate about improving the university we call home. So far this academic year we have been working hard and are already seeing results on campus.

We hope you are enjoying the $100,000 worth of new gym equipment in the Mount Carmel Rec Center. Soon you will FINALLY be able to get a coffee and a snack in the library as vending machines are being installed within the next 30 days (SURPRISE!). Also be on the look out over this next year, as the mundane white walls of campus buildings will be splashed with color.

These things don’t just happen overnight, though. Each SGA member is responsible for attending at least three meetings per week, most of the time it is more than just three. In those meetings, we sift through the buzz on campus and decide how we can help any given situation. We put many hours per week into our meetings and creating proposals, but it is because we love Quinnipiac.

Personally, Quinnipiac has been my home for the last three years, and I am scared to leave it. This will be my third year as a member of SGA, and this organization has truly become a part of me.  Outside of meetings and the work required to best represent the student body, SGA has given me better friends and memories than I could have ever asked for.

I am extremely thankful that I was forced into running for SGA at the end of my freshman year by, my now fellow Executive Board member, Julianna Besharat. One person believing in me completely redefined my college experience. Freshman year, I thought I was just being elected to serve my fellow students, but in reality, I was elected to a whole new life at Quinnipiac.

Upon joining SGA, I immediately met people who were excited to meet me and wanted to share their time with me. These people quickly became some of my best friends and pushed me to join other organizations and programs. SGA was a springboard for me to become an Orientation Leader, join Greek life and meet people I could never have met otherwise.

Since getting involved at Quinnipiac, I’ve come to realize that it truly doesn’t matter what you get involved in here. If you do something, anything, you will come to love this place and find your own happiness.

I’m scared to leave Quinnipiac in May because of the happiness I have found as a result of being forced into involvement freshman year. As much as I don’t want to leave, all the reasons that make me want to stay have prepared me to go. I have been lucky enough to grow personally, professionally, and created memories I will hold onto forever. SGA was the foundation to my happiness at Quinnipiac University.

So what does SGA do? It pushes boundaries, creates friendships, and gets you coffee in the library.

Do anything and believe in someone; you never know where it will take them.

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