Latest Hidden in Plain View record does not live up to all the hype

Alex Rom

Hidden In Plain View is a band out to prove they are not to be written off. Over the past three years, they have been building a steady fan base through touring and word of mouth. Their last release, “Operation Cut Throat (Drive Thru Records, 2002), may have only been a five song EP but it still created a huge buzz in the underground. The group has been working off of the hype of those five songs for three years and are now finally ready to release a full length record.

That full length record was “Life In Dreaming,” released last February from Drive Thru Records. Group members Joe Reo (vocals), Mike Saffert (guitar), Rob Freeman (guitar and backing vocals), Chris Amato (bass), and Spencer Peterson (drums) put out a record that sounds like a thousand other records already out. The record sticks to the basic emo, neo-emo, emocore or whatever the hell the little scene kids call it today.

It is not a bad record, per se. The production is good quality and it was well recorded. But they offer nothing original to the modern musical landscape. It is more sing/scream vocals and typical emo lyrics. Lines like “the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs/while they’re pointing their fingers/like they’re loaded guns” from the lead single “Ashes, Ashes” could be heard on at least a dozen records out now; very pseudo clever in their own mind. The guitars sound like your basic faux-heavy associated with emo. In addition to the instrumentation, the record is chalk full of typical musical break downs and build-ups.

Overall, this record leaves listeners disappointed, proving that the pre-release hype was not worth it for this final product.

“I was expecting more hooks. It just didn’t really do anything for me. I was disappointed. It’s along the same lines as My Chemical Romance and all those bands,” freshman media production major John Langley said.

“Life In Dreaming” is a good listen but I would not suggest spending your money on it. Download the couple choice tracks such as “Garden Statement” and “Ashes, Ashes” and you will save yourself time and money.