Game room comes to Commons

Josh Brewer

A new recreational room will soon be in operation in Commons residence hall, one of the most populated freshmen dorms, according Residential Life.

 The converted common room will feature a Pac Man machine, Dance Revolution machine, air hockey, foosball and a large screen television.

 Funds for the project came from an anonymous donor who wanted the funds to be used to improve campus life, Associate Director of Residential Life Melissa Karipidis said.

 Only students who live in Commons will have access to the room by swiping their QCard. Residential Life can lock the room if any of the property is damaged or if the room is reserved.

 Residential Life chose Commons because it had multiple lounges that would leave nine other study spaces available, according to Karipidis.

“We want to give students a place in the residence hall where they can gather, enjoy themselves and be a part of the community,” Karipidis said.

Commons resident Sarah Jess believes the game room will benefit students.

“It’s really exciting [be]cause we always do a lot of studying and we finally have the chance for a break,” she said.

Freshman Victoria Botti lives near the game room.

“There’s a Dance Dance Revolution thing and the music always goes off and it’s loud, but it’s kind of cool because it’s somewhere to go,” she said. “It’s a place where you can go to know people.”

Complex resident Marc Capparelli said he wished that Sahlin Hall had a game room.

“It’s not fair that only Commons can get one,” he said. “Maybe in the student center if there was a big one, like a big game room area for everyone to use, but if they can’t do that then I think it would be cool if every Res Hall could get one.”

While Residential Life does not currently have any plans for adding additional recreation rooms to other residence halls, that may change based on funding and the success of game room.