News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

Terrorists attack Kenya

The Westgate Mall in Nairobi, home to luxurious shops and restaurants, was overtaken by Al-Qaeda linked terrorists midday Saturday, according to CNN. Sixty-two people are pronounced dead by the Kenyan Red Cross and another 175 injured. The attacking group, Al-Shabaab, is a militant group that wants to create an Islamic state in Somalia, a neighboring state that Kenyan military pushed into in 2011. Three Americans, two people from Somalia, a Canadian, a Finland citizen, a Kenyan and a person from the United Kingdom are allegedly involved. Secretary of State John Kerry promised a further investigation.

UN arrives in the Big Apple

The annual general assembly of world leaders began Monday at the UN General Assembly in New York City. President Barack Obama has high hopes for the diplomacy efforts in Syria, according to CNN. Iran also may be willing to halt their nuclear program. NBC News calls this one of the most pivotal General Assembly meetings in recent history.

Gun control debate returns

Following the Navy Yard shooting, the issue of gun control is back in headlines. At the memorial service for the 12 people killed, President Barack Obama renewed his call for Congress to pass stricter laws pertaining to gun control, according to NBC News. Obama again reminded listeners of the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings and how the people of the U.S. have felt this way too often. He says Americans cannot accept this being the “new normal.” Wayne LaPierre of the NRA feels the nation needs better security and not new laws. In addition LaPierre believes the nation’s mental health is breaking down. Obama called for a review of security measures in military related facilities.

Clinton for president?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come out on the record saying that she is thinking of running for office in 2016, NBC News reported. Clinton is already backed by a vast number of party leaders, including Nancy Pelosi of California. In addition, many of her former staffers from the state department have no doubt she is not qualified. Although the decision is anything but finalized, her statements about running are crucial.

Cocaine seized on flight

Approximately $270 million worth of cocaine were found on an Air France flight traveling from Venezuela to Paris. Although the findings occurred on Sept. 11, Air France did not make this public until Saturday, according to CNN. The 30 suitcases discovered bearing the cocaine were not registered to any traveling passengers. Several people were taken into custody, according to a French Interior Minister. This case is still under investigation.