Stay ‘Up All Night’ listening to Razorlight

Bethany Dionne

If poetry can be described as “a spontaneous overflow of human emotion,” British indie rock band Razorlight’s debut CD “Up All Night” can certainly be described as unique poetry.

“We’ve already been really accepted at home, so it’s great to be able to come to America and have to win over new audiences,” Johnny Borrell said, in an interview with “I think people can connect with my music because it’s like a bunch of letters or telephone conversations. It’s very truthful. Someone once said that everything that’s real is beautiful. I’m not sure if that’s true, but at least it’s genuine.”

At 20, Johnny Borrell was addicted to heroin and cocaine. After living in London and doing drugs on the street for over two years, he realized he needed to make something better of his life. His therapy came through writing and he is now the lead singer in the British band Razorlight.

“Now I see everything in my life as material for my songs,” Borrell told MTV. “Whether it was looking back at when I was 18 and I was staggering around listening to Exile on Main Street while waiting for the man, or whether it was hanging out and having a beer with rich kids in London.”

The four member band consists of Borrell as the lead singer, guitarist Bj