North Haven campus to get fitness center

Andy Landolfi

The university is currently in the process of planning an 8,000 square-foot fitness center on the North Haven campus that should be ready for student use by the beginning of the next academic school year. The gym will include a spinning class room, men’s and women’s locker rooms, aerobics room space for free weights and other cardio equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines.

University officials were hoping to have the gym open earlier, but ran into issues that have other renovations to complete before they begin work on the new fitness facility.

“There’s a sequence of renovations that need to happen before we can get to the fitness center,” Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning Salvatore Filardi said. “Because of the mechanical changes we have to make we have to go through other spaces to get into the fitness center.”

Over the summer, the university moved information services from the Arnold Bernhard Library to the North Haven Campus building number four. It is the same building that the university plans to build the new fitness center.

“We have to move those people out of the space before we can go through with it,” Filardi said.

The way that the building is designed creates an east wing and a west wing. Information Services will be placed in the west wing. In order to not interfere with the workings of Information Services, who are currently working in a different part of this building, the west wing will have to be completed first, and then work on the new fitness center would follow shortly after.

“We have to move these people out of the spaces before we can go through with it,” Filardi said.

Although drawings with plans for how the gym will look have been drafted, there has still not been a contractor who has signed on to the project yet, Filardi said. Due to this, there is also not any estimates of total cost. These are details that should be released within the next few months, Filardi said.

Currently the space has not been worked on yet and remains as just an open layout.

“It’s a complete comprehensive fitness center,” Filardi said. “It’s a pretty nice facility.”