Twin brothers reflect on QU experience

Matt Tortora

It all started with a phone call to a relative in California. During Christmas break 2003, my brother Mark and I spoke with our uncle, Dr. Carmine DeSomma about creating a business venture. He is a retired podiatrist with a successful practice. We believed he could offer valuable advice on becoming an entrepreneur.

Our conversation led to a “healing patch”, a product that he invented and patented. He has marketed this patch to the San Francisco 49ers for the past 8 years. Curious and excited, we had visions of marketing this novel product to an even larger demographic market.

Spring semester was about to begin and the thought of marketing this invention remained foremost in our minds. One of our spring classes was Management 433, a course which required us to create a unique business plan. This was a perfect opportunity for, my twin brother, classmate and me to create a “plan” for the “All Sport Healing Patch”. The “plan” involved all aspects of a business, including: marketing, finance, management, operations, etc. At the completion of our project we were entered into a business competition consisting of 70 applicants.

The work and excitement soon found us competing for first place, where the top three finalists were judged at a formal presentation. It was a glorious occasion, attended by family, friends, students, professors, Dean Mark Thompson and three gracious judges within the business community. Our efforts served us well; we were awarded first place. My brother I are now in the process of marketing “The All Sport Healing Patch”. This patch will revolutionize the healing process for swelling due to injuries. Already being used by one sports team, it will soon be in the lockers of many more. Our future goal will also focus on the general public domestically and abroad.

My brother and I will complete our degrees in Business Management this December. It will be difficult to leave the great relationships and experiences we have treasured over our last 3