Bush best for wartime

Nate Sharir

As election time draws near, people all across America are contemplating whom they should vote for: John Kerry or George W. Bush. In order to choose, Americans should weigh their options quite carefully because whoever the victor is this November, will be our executive in chief for the next four years. Americans should also keep in mind that there is presently a war going on in Iraq that is coinciding with the upcoming election. It is probably a safe move not to change leaders in the midst of this crisis, and we should elect George W. Bush for a second term.

It would be uneasy for us to make the transition to a newly elected president while we refurbish Iraq. However, if we elect Bush for a second term, there will not be a period of transition, and we would be able to continue with restructuring the government of Iraq.

Anyone who saw the first presidential debate, one would notice that most of Kerry’s platform revolved around his opinion that President Bush has taken several incorrect actions towards the situation in Iraq. Kerry said that the president took the wrong action by disarming the country with troops. Bush made it clear that he did not want to send in American troops into Iraq in the first place. He gave Saddam Hussein’s regime the opportunity to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction. It was only when Hussein did not do so that Bush had to; unfortunately, send troops to take action against Hussein’s reign as Iraqi dictator. Now that he is out of power, we can repair the country’s government.

It is going to take time to do restructure the country. Instead of rapidly initiating a new government for the country, Bush’s administration is appointing a temporary government to control Iraq until the official one is created. Our government is currently taking the time to find the right administration for the country so they can have a working system of democracy for Iraq. Hence, it would be a good idea to keep President Bush’s administration in place while this process is taking place.

The most important reason why President Bush’s re-election would be a benefit for us, as well as for the Iraqi government, is that Bush is a very strong leader. Under his leadership, we have dismantled the Taliban and have ended the tyranny of Hussein. If Bush says that Iraq will eventually be considered a free country, it will most likely happen, even if it takes a significant amount of time. As this process continues, Bush will continue to lead us into an era of security.