Students working at QU

Jenn Press

Nowadays, many students find that they are filling their plates with more than just cafeteria food.

If going to classes, making time to study, adjusting to roommates, and socializing were not a enough of a busy schedule, many college students also hold a job while attending school.

There is a lot of responsibility to deal with, but some students find the busier they are, the more they get done.

“The more I have to do, the more responsibility I take in organizing my time and activities. I feel a job is just another thing to add to the list,” Fern Noodleman, junior communications student said.

Some students work to earn money to cover tuition, while others need it to fund their spring break getaways.

“I’m going to try [to get a job] because I need money for spring break and normal expenses that come with college,” Carly DeCandia, junior public relations major said.

Other students use the cash for gas and other everyday necessities, as well as their social needs. Some students feel this teaches them responsibility and gives them a taste of the “real world.”

“Over the summer I made a lot of money, but I’ve grown into my college spending habits, spending a good percentage of my earned money over the summer. Now I’m on a tight budget,” Mike McLoughlin, junior media production major said.

Some businesses hire college students for part-time jobs because they tend to have previous work experience. Others are grateful for the varying hours that can be put in, as opposed to high school students who have a more restricted schedule.

“I will take all the help I get, and college students seem to be the ones to ask,” Cindy Richerfeld, owner of a private corporation said.

Many students apply for jobs where they can get hands-on experience to prepare for their future careers.

“I am currently working at a pet shelter, which is a great way for me to be exposed to animal care-giving,” Carla Mehatano, sophomore veterinary technology major said..

Others choose from a variety of jobs where they can work with peers such as waiting tables in a local restaurant, scooping ice-cream or working in retail.

Babysitting is another favorite of Quinnipiac students. Many students who are Connecticut residents rely on families they have a history with to provide them with a steady job throughout the semester.

Others turn to work study, a Quinnipiac program coinciding with financial aid.

Michele Cardone, freshman undecided liberal arts major, works with intramurals as part of her work study program.

“It’s something I’m interested in, so I chose to work with sports,” Cardone said.

Regardless of the position, students find the additional workload to be worth the commitment, especially when it is a job on campus.