Test your taste buds at the redesigned York Hill Cafe

Amanda Hoskins

The York Hill Café has recently expanded its dining options and hours upon student request.

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Chartwells Dining created clearly defined stations with hopes of giving students a better variety. The stations are now the Grill, Exhibitions, Innovation Kitchen, Chop’d and Wrap’d, 2mato and the Deli.

Rather than having a salad bar, Chop’d and Wrapped has salads made by Chartwells’ staff. Caesar salads and wraps will be available every day as well as a special in a salad or wrap. If students want to mix-up their salad, they can request to incorporate any of the toppings available.

Although students have complained about the loss of the salad bar, Chartwells is taking the complaints into consideration and will be adding more choices to the toppings, Associate Director of Dining Services Leean Spalding said.

Additionally, many students say they are disappointed that there are fewer options in the wraps. Spalding said a freestanding salad bar similar to Café Q’s will be added if students are unhappy even after adding more choices.

Chop’d and Wrapped is not the only station that experienced renovations. The Tomato station is one students and Chartwells have expressed excitement for.

“I am really excited about 2mato,” Spalding said. “The presentation of it is fantastic and they really expanded their Italian offerings.”

In addition to the pizzas, 2mato will have cold salads such as pasta salads and lo-mein, as well as strombolis, garlic bread and pasta.

This will be opened later and more frequently than it was before and so will many of the other stations. All of the stations have extended their hours to create flexibility for students to eat at the York Hill Campus.

The York Hill Café saw difficulty supporting stations in the past because of the lack of sales. All of the students living at York Hill have full kitchens and less meal plan money than Mount Carmel residents. Although the improvements are quite a leap for Chartwells, Spalding said they hope to make the students happier and perhaps receive better sales because of the new improvements.

York Hill really needed a little more definition; we really needed to add some more excitement,” Spalding said.

Most students expressed enthusiasm about the changes.

“I think there is a lot more variety for fresh food and they have a lot more hot meals that you can choose from, ” junior Greg Foster said.

Students living at the York Hill Campus are not the only ones who have been eating at the York Hill Café. Underclassmen said they make trips up to York Hill before sporting events or simply to get a different dining experience.

“I come up for spin classes twice a week so I always eat here, and so far, I really love the new options,” freshman Brianna Siravo said.

Spalding wants students to enjoy the food at Quinnipiac and encourages them to complete the Chartwells’ surveys sent via email so they can meet students’ requests. Spalding said Chartwells is open to suggestions about further improvements to the York Hill Café.

Spalding announced that in the fall Chartwells hopes to have a Freshens station in the Bobcat Den. Here there will be smoothies and crepes, and students can choose to have either a savory or sweet crepe.

Students should also be seeing an all-day omelet station in the Café Q in the fall, according to Spalding.