Quinnipiac proved me right

Michael Germano

When a person enters the world of politics they will always encounter criticism from their adversary and even supporters. Regardless of what level of politics a person is active, the criticism whether wrong or right, is inventible. As a candidate for Town Council and former SGA member, I have become vulnerable for much disapproval. While I have always accepted criticism from my harshest opponents, and respected their opinion, I have never let that effect my position or beliefs.

Last week’s Chronicle issue included an opinion piece by a first time writer entitled “Germano proved himself wrong.” While I have always encouraged, and promoted open debate about politics, I strongly believe that the truth holds more weight then deceptive accusation; therefore I felt it necessary to explain the truth and clarify any misconceptions the opinion piece attempted to raise.

In the article, the author tries to diminish the message of my campaign by manipulating the campaign message, and making unfounded accusations. Using the Chronicle as his source, the author leads readers to believe that a noise violation I received, now contradicts the message of my campaign. Ironically the Chronicle article that was referred too, never made a single mention of a noise violation, nor the reason I resigned from Student Government.

It is simple to refute the false claim with the facts; however the opinion that my campaign staff was inadequate and unorganized were mere uneducated assumptions. A few people might have just automatically assumed that my young campaign staff must have been inexperience. Yet my staff, created, organized, and executed, a remarkable and successful campaign. The primary goal was to win a seat on the Town Council which was not achieved, however the rest of our goals were all obtained. Our unconventional campaign gained praise in local, regional, and national media for the professionalism and original campaign strategies. Every year campaigns yield low voter participation, and leave the public with a feeling of being disconnected from the political process. Meanwhile Quinnipiac students had one of the highest voter turnout rates among college students in the nation. The campaign was taken very seriously, which is evident from having student’s rights and Quinnipiac relations as the key topic in the district election. The affect of the campaign has started a positive trend in town gown relations. My campaign manager, Matt Bucci was unanimously voted on the Hamden Town Democrat Committee after an endorsement from Matthew Fitch, the district one council member. Also, members of my campaign staff and myself have been approached by town officials for our assistance.

The impact of the campaign still has a major event in the future. Two months from now the Election Enforcement Commission will conclude their investigation and subsequent hearing regarding the voting violations which affected my candidacy and violated countless students’s voting rights. The ruling will have major impacts on the ability for college students to express their most cherished freedom, the right to vote. It will also conclude the campaign, but begin a new chapter of students’ role in their town of Hamden.

The campaign raised many questions, and the voters demanded answers. Election Day illustrated to Hamden that students must be taken seriously, and the State Secretary let everyone know that the students had every right. While my campaign set the stage, it was the overwhelming support from students and Hamden residents that sent the message to Hamden that it is time for a change. I am very proud of the successes of my campaign and appreciate all the hard work from my fellow students. Not only will I continue to defend students, but I will not allow anyone to belittle the success the Quinnipiac students’ demonstrated.