News outside the Quinnipiac Campus

Julia Perkins

Hamden Police Will Wear Cameras

On Monday, the Legislative Council authorized the purchase of 36 Taxon Axon Wearable Body Cameras for the Hamden Police. The police already have cameras on their vehicles, but these cameras will be portable, enabling the actions of officers to be caught on film wherever they go. Hamden Police Department Information Technology Manager Mario DiNatale hopes that this will decrease the number of lawsuits over the actions of police officers.
-J. Perkins

Photo of Obama Skeet Shooting

On Saturday, the White House released a photo of President Obama skeet shooting at clay targets while on vacation in Camp David in August 2012. The photo was released after people were surprised to hear that Obama had ever shot a gun. While the photo was meant to make Obama seem understanding of gun owners, Obama has called for a ban on assault weapons.
-J. Perkins

North Korea Threatens With Video

On Tuesday, North Korea’s state-run media posted a video on YouTube showing a man dreaming about launching a rocket and burning down what seems to be New York City. North Korea also stated that “it will have to take a measure stronger than a nuclear test” because it believes that the U.S. is going to attack the nation. Tensions have been increasing between North Korea and western countries recently after North Korea defied a United Nations missile ban and launched a rocket in December. The United Nations then implemented new sanctions against North Korea in January.
-J. Perkins

Kidnapped Alabama Boy Freed

An Alabama boy was freed on Monday after being held hostage for almost an entire week. Ethan, a five-year-old boy was kidnapped from his school bus on Jan. 29 by Jimmy Lee Dykes. Dykes shot the bus driver and took Ethan hostage in an underground bunker. After almost one week of negotiations, the FBI determined Dykes’ mental state was too dangerous and launched an assault on the bunker. Dykes was killed by officers in the assault, and Ethan was reunited with his family at a nearby hospital. He was reported to be in good spirits, but no date has been set for him to return home. Authorities are still investigating Dykes’ motives and what may have happened inside the bunker. – D. Grosso