Wanted: Warped Tour details

Jessica Colarossi

When some people picture summer, their minds fill with images of sandy beaches and Pina Coladas. For others, they think of a concrete parking lot, dripping sweat and ten stages filled with hundreds of their favorite musicians. The 19th annual Vans Warped Tour will take off on June 15, hitting nearly every state in the U.S. Bands are being released each week, the official website is being built, and tickets are already available for purchase while fans wait in anticipation.

The first official announcement was released on Dec. 7, confirming the bands Woe Is Me, I See Stars, Go Radio, The Story So Far, Like Moths To Flames, and Big Chocolate. More bands have continuously being released each Friday since then.

Feb.1 marked the announcement of Sleeping With Sirens and The Wonder Years who will play on the main stages. Five other bands were also added, including Chiodos, Motion City Soundtrack, Forever the Sickest Kids, Tonight Alive, and Outasight.

‘Warped rumors’ were tossed around the same time the first set of bands were released, when the entire alleged lineup was thought to be leaked. Big name bands such as A Day to Remember, Paramore, and All American Rejects were supposedly chosen for this year’s tour, but were later confirmed to be fantasies of music junkies on the internet. Don’t give up yet- there’s still hope for a major breakthrough in the lineup.

Sleeping With Sirens was an original rumor of bands that would play. When front man Kellin Quinn released a video officially confirming their return Warped Tour after a year of touring, fans were very pleased. This post-hardcore group consists of five other members and have been together since 2009. The band is known for their melodic side of hardcore, with a variety of metal and emo influences ever since their first extended play landed on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart in 2010.

Also playing the main stage this year is The Wonder Years; one of the most notable and still growing bands in the pop-punk world. With their deep, crafty, and noticeably personal lyrics along with ripping guitar lines, the Wonder Years have struck the hearts of many. Some of their most popular songs are “My Last Semester,” “Came Out Swinging,” “Melrose Diner,” and “Don’t Let me Cave In.” They’ve been featured on the cover of Alternative Press, and opening and headlining a number of tours in the past couple years including Warped Tour 2012.

There’s something new about this year’s Warped Tour: fans have started to petition to have the entire show dedicated to Suicide Silence’s front man Mitch Lucker, who lost his life this past October in a motorcycle accident. His death devastated the remaining band members and fans. Lucker also left behind a five year old daughter and a wife.

“Let’s give him the honest final respects he deserves; by dedicating Warped Tour 2013 to him, surrounded by musicians and fans alike commemorating him and his legacy,” the petition description stated. As of Jan. 31, the petition needs 650 more signatures to reach the goal of 18,000. The full petition can be found at thepetitionsite.com.

There are many questions to be answered in the coming months. However it’s certain that Warped Tour will be at the Comcast Theater in Hartford, Conn. on July 14, in New York July 13 and Boston on July 11. There are more dates on the official website and updates on band announcements every Friday.