Kelley to open for Third Eye Blind

Mindy Matteis

Spam emails have launched emerging artist Josh Kelley’s career, leading him to Quinnipiac University to open for top-40 band Third Eye Blind in the fall concert Sunday night.

Seeking recognition, Kelley sent out numerous spam emails stating “If you like Dave Matthews, try Josh Kelley,” to Napster downloaders.

The email got into the hands of Eric Clinger, an A&R representative of Hollywood records who signed him on the spot. Kelley now has a record deal with the company.

Kelley, a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Augusta, Georgia, has been compared to the likes of Dave Matthews, John Mayer and James Taylor.

Before the release of his top-40 “Amazing,” Kelley attended the University of Mississippi on a golf scholarship and majored in graphic design, a major that would allow him to design and produce his own CDs and advertisements.

Kelley’s first album, “For the Ride Home,” was released on June 3 of this year and has sold over 100,000 copies thus far.

Kelley has toured with such artists as Dave Matthews Band, Third Eye Blind, and has done several solo shows. Kelley was also scheduled to tour with Jewel, but she has since canceled the tour. Kelley has appeared on CBS’s ‘Saturday Early Show.’ Kelley’s music also aired on an episode of ‘Dawson’s Creek.’

Kelley has been named “John Mayer in a flannel shirt,” by VH1 and has been compared to Dave Matthews by listeners and reviewers alike.

“Usually I’d say, “If you like James Taylor, you’ll love Josh Kelley,” Kelley said in a VH1 interview. “He was my first influence and comparison because my songs were strictly acoustic then. I didn’t really want to think about comparing myself to Dave with not having a full band.”

Tickets to the show are currently on sale everyday from 10-3 p.m. in the Student Center for $15. The event is currently for Quinnipiac students only, but may be opened to the public pending campus sales.

According to Student Programming Board member Anthony Vindigni, SPB has sold almost 700 tickets as of last Friday afternoon and is confident in the show selling out.

“For them [SPB] to start out in the first two days and sell over 400 tickets is pretty good,” said Vindigni.

According to Vindigni, the deadline for tickets to sell out is tomorrow. All remaining tickets will be released to the public at that point.

The total number of tickets that can be sold are 1450, the gymnasium’s legal seating capacity.

Doors will open at 8 p.m. and seating is general admission.