Get off the bus or walk home

S. Flavius Mercurius

Let the title speak for itself: it matters little to me what transportation our esteemed Yale colleague chooses to return to his campus-just that he does so in a manner of speed and expediency. Both terms would suit the naVve snap judgments that his article, affectionately titled “The Road to Nowhere (aka Quinnipiac),” boldly asserts.

Its author, Jeremy Kutner, claims no malice in writing it.Forgive me if I doubt his sincerity, for his article muddles this supposition with an insistent, condescending wink. Why is it that even in the attempt to praise the Quinnipiac community it must be marred with the faint hint of disdain? Kutner, it appears, gets a similar perverse thrill out of laughing at our shuttle system that I get from laughing at the pretentious grandstanding of our Yalien counterparts. A couple of coconuts is we.

I confess I agree with some of what he wrote: these are surely the types of people I would enjoy ridiculing myself. But, a smug outsider! That much for sure. For grins, let’s take a gander at his article.

It opens with an enticing hook: “I don’t have chlamydia. And since I have no desire to acquire it, it would seem strange, at least according to conventional wisdom, for me to have any interest in Quinnipiac University.” I get the point, although it is hardly original: Quinnipiac is synonymous with STD. Conventional only in its adherence to clich