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    Ice, ice baby

    From Oct. 4 through Oct. 6, all 28 residents of the Village 470 building were left without hot water.

    The lack of hot water was first noticed by Junior Jameson Bull.

    “I figured it wouldn’t be a long term ordeal and that once the university found out about the problem, it would have been fixed,” Bull said.

    Sadly the problem was not fixed. Junior Thomas Schweitzer tried showering afterwards, but the problem still existed.

    “The first day without hot water was bad, the second day was horrible, but the third was my own personal hell,” Schweitzer said. “But, a hell with cold water”.

    Junior James Bevins went to the suite below his to see if their hot water was off. Bevins returned, unsuccessful and decided to inform facilities.

    “I told them that we had no hot water, and the lady that answered the phone told us that there was no one there that could help us out,” he said.

    Junior Rob Piccoli said he sent in a work order request form begging for facilities to turn the hot water back on. Bull continued calling and sending e-mails, but their efforts were fruitless.

    Junior Jon Bonica started complaining about the effects of an ice cold shower.

    “The whole room started to smell,” he said. “I didn’t know I could go that long without showering.”

    Some of the residents speculated that there was a problem with the pipes, while others thought that the University had shut off the water thinking the students had left for the long weekend.

    Village Hall Director Jody Bailey said she did not know anything about the situation. The only advice she could offer was to contact facilities.

    According to Facilities, the main switch to the hot water heater had been turned off on Friday when a worker tested the radiator system. When the worker left for the weekend, he never switched the building’s hot water back on.

    Residents of Village 470 were told that nothing could be done to fix the problem because it was a holiday weekend and facilities did not want to pay overtime for a worker to check out the problem.

    Hot water was restored early Tuesday morning.

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