Time for fun 101

Emily Wakeman

Classes and studying take up a huge portion of the college student’s average day. However, many students find that they have an overwhelming amount of free time, and there are many options for things they can do. How this free time is filled differs from student to student, but many enjoy the same types of activities.

First there are the basics of going to the cafeteria, taking naps and relaxing in the dorm room. All of these are a major part of the college student’s day.

“When I’m not in class I sleep, eat, watch TV, study, and hang out with my friends,” said sophomore Amy Schaefer.

Other students have similar habits when it comes to filling their free time. At any time during the day, student can be seen grabbing a bite to eat at the cafeteria or the Ratt, walking around campus with their friends, or watching TV in their rooms. Naps are also a necessary part of the day for many students, particularly those with early morning classes.

A large number of Quinnipiac students have jobs, either on or off campus. These students prefer to spend some of their time outside of classes working to make money to cover the many expenses that are encountered in college.

Sophomore Jen Pescik has a work-study job in New Haven at the Boys and Girls Club. “Most of my classes are scheduled in the morning and early afternoon because I work three afternoons a week,” Pescik said.

Many students go to the gym, participate in clubs or organizations, or play sports when they’re not in class. Others play recreational games such as Frisbee, on the quad, or go shopping in town.

Still, many students hardly have any free time outside of classes and studying. By the time the work is finished, there isn’t much time to do anything else.

“When I’m not in class, I study, or waste lots of time talking online,” said sophomore Darrah Black.

Sophomore Alyssa Tibaldi also uses much of her time outside of class to study. She said, “I study in the library a lot.”

With her busy schedule, Pescik struggles to have free time just to rest.

“When I’m not in class or working, I use my time to study, get food, and when I’m lucky, to just plain relax,” she said.