BREAKING: Mount Carmel campus gets power back

Bryan Lipiner

​UPDATE: 5:33 p.m.: Power has been restored to the Mount Carmel campus, according to a Quinnipiac announcement. The Facilities Department is in the process of transferring those buildings still on generator power back to commercial power.

New Road near the Mount Carmel campus is in the process of being restored, as United Illuminating Company has arrived at the site, according to the university’s twitter. United Illuminating is responsible for supplying electricity to the Mount Carmel Campus, and there is no update on when electricity will be reinstated.

​Freshman and sophomore residence halls Larson, Perlroth, Troup and Complex have been running without power since Monday. Students on the campus are encouraged by the university to return home due to struggles with generator power. Currently, all university classes on Mount Carmel campus have been cancelled until Nov. 5.

​All on-campus events over the weekend have been canceled or postponed, including the leadership conference. The men’s soccer games on Friday and Sunday and the women’s rugby game Sunday is still scheduled to go on as planned.

​The Emergency Management Team is scheduled to meet again at 3 p.m. today.