Kovacs promoted to assistant director

Kellie Gleeson

Ed Kovacs, a member of the leadership team in the Carl Hansen Student Center has recently been promoted to assistant director of leadership development. Monique Drucker, who now works in Student Affairs, last filled the position in 2001.

With a new title comes many new responsibilities that Kovacs believes he is ready for.

“With this promotion, I hope to be able to provide the office with more support,” he said. “It gives me different exposure and valuable experiences. It will all be important to me when it comes to my next big career move.”

In the past, Kovacs has worked with the media groups and members of Greek life. He is looking forward to working more closely with students on campus.

“My love is working with college students,” said Kovacs. “In the future, I am hoping to work as a Director of Student Activities, so that I can continue to work closely with these individuals.”

Kovacs’ jobs include: advising the Vice President of Student Programming, Lianna Hartford; planning May Weekend; advising SPB and the Student Government freshman cabinet; being a liaison to the cultural and ethnic groups as well as the service and spiritual groups on campus; helping with Black History month as a co-chair by working as a liaison to their staff members; and becoming a faculty and staff training advisee. Assisting with the clubs and the reservation process, Kovacs hopes to help Ilena Andrich, who works in the campus reservation and information center.

“I am really looking forward to working with Ilena,” said Kovacs. “I like being able to support her in her new position as we start on the reservation system.”

Kovacs also advices two graduate students, who program the late night Friday and Saturday activities. Chris McLaughlin and Tina Kamalanathan will also look over the new QU after dark program.

“A lot of it was done to provide me with exposure to different responsibilities to help further my career and professional development,” Kovacs said.

Even though he loves his job and the people he works with, Kovacs feels his time at Quinnipiac may come to an end.

“Now that I am starting my fourth year at Quinnipiac, my heart is telling me to go back to Pennsylvania,” he said. “It may not be this year or the year after, but in the future, that is the path that I am going to head down.”