Fisher: an asset to student government

Kellie Gleeson

College is a time to find your niche. It is a time to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. College is the point in person’s life to try new things and gain new experiences.

For Sarah Fisher, a freshman mass communications major, college was a time for expansions. Fisher’s main goal when entering Quinnipiac was to meet a wide variety of people and help them in their college life. She found this opportunity in the student government.

“I was not involved in student government during high school,” said Fisher. ” But when I came to college, I wanted to do something different. I decided the SGA was a great way to meet more people.”

As soon as she elected to be a representative in the association, she knew she had made the right choice.

“I love helping people and that is what the student government does,’ said Fisher. “It is in my personality type to help those in need.”

This organization also let Fisher explore her love of helping people and to better the campus as a whole.

“The SGA is a great organization,” said Fisher. “It lets you express your needs and the needs of others.”

Throughout her time on the SGA, Fisher has been involved with the Public Relations department, settling plans for the May Weekend semi formal and helping promote the event.

Fisher, however, has taken on subtle challenges of her own.

“I have been involved with changing the credit honors, Bobcat pride, and the Chartwells round table,” said Fisher. ” They are minor things, but in the long run they make a difference.”

But, even with all the accomplishments that she has made and the things she has been involved in, Fisher still believes the thing that should stand out in everyone’s mind is the subject of change.

“I am not the type of person to stand out and say that I alone did something, I like to stay in the background,” said Fisher. “I don’t care if I get recognized for doing something. I just care about changing things that need to be changed.”

Being on the student government has meant a lot to Fisher. The people she has met have touched her life in so many ways. Fisher said she is happy to have belonged to an organization with such great people.

“In joining the SGA, I have 41 friends automatically, a great background, and I get the chance to motivate people,” said Fisher. “We accomplish much and we get to have a say in what is going to happen and what changes are going to occur.”

But, even with the good times and the good friends, comes some bad moments. Fisher said the one of the things the SGA has to work on is standing by each other.

“Sometimes drama occurs during the meetings and tension arises,” said Fisher. “We start to attack each other and forget the reason why we are there in the first place. But, we always forget the fights and remain friends.”

In Fisher’s mind, this is not the only thing the student government needs to work on. She said more people have to be involved student concerns.

“More people need to come to us with their needs and those that do need to realize it is a slow gradual process towards change,” said Fisher. “Things do not just happen. We have to work for them to happen.”

To make things happen and to get more student input, Fisher believes students should know what is going on and have a say in the changes. But, they also need to be patient.

“We need to get more surveys and more students’ opinions,” said Fisher. “We have started to work on these things and they will occur over time. People have to understand that big changes happen over a period of time. Everyone just needs to be more patient.”

Such a clear minded and assertive person is an asset to any organization, but soon Fisher will be leaving Quinnipiac’s SGA. Fisher said that in the fall she would be transferring to another university, such as Ithaca or Syracuse.

“I am leaving for financial reasons. I am very disappointed with how 65% of the students who receive financial aid are playing sports,” said Fisher. “I have come to the realization that even though I love it here and I love the people, I do not want to be in debt when I leave college. I think the people that have the good GPA and the good background should receive the money.”

Even though goodbyes are often sad, Fisher knows she will always have friends at Quinnipiac.

“When people know you are leaving,” said Fisher, “you really learn who your real friends are. These are the people that care.”

Wherever she may end up, the experience of the student government and the influences of the people she has come into contact with will always stay with her.

“I am definitely going to join the student government at the university which I attend next,” said Fisher. “It is such a great feeling to make a difference and I want to continue doing that.”

Fisher will always remember her times at Quinnipiac and the people she has touched.

“It has been a pleasure working and being part of the student government,” said Fisher. “To all those people involved, good luck.”