RAVE: The new section of the student center

Rebecca Fano

The new student center is the place to be.

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With its new renovations, the Carl Hansen Student Center provides students with an open space to hang out in between classes, spacious rooms for extracurricular meetings, and a cozy spot to do some homework. The interior design is similar to Quinnipiac’s York Hill campus, providing a lodge cabin atmosphere. The new hangout is destined to attract members of the community once winter comes along and the giant fireplace is lit. The tranquil vibe will be sure to give students a homey feel, especially once the holidays come rolling around the corner.

The new student center is also practical for commuters and York Hill residents with breaks in between classes. If they don’t want to go to the quiet library or sit at a dirty table in the noisy café, they now have another option. This type of environment is also great for getting together with members from class for group projects. It provides students with a neutral, not too loud or too quiet environment to meet up and discuss or work on their assignment. If you’re looking for a place to come hang out and relax with your friends, go to the Carl Hansen Student Center.