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    Brand strives to entertain

    For some people, acting is just a hobby. To others, it is just another way to escape reality. But for David Brand, Junior, English and theatre double major, it is a way of life.

    “When I decided to go to college,” said Brand. “I had one thing in mind: to be the world’s best entertainer.”

    Brand’s quest began at the age of 13, when he started acting in high school musicals.

    “My high school was very small,” said Brand. “So they called on people from the Junior High School to help with the productions.”

    Brand almost did not try out for the play. He was pushed by a little help from his friend.

    “My friend, Ramon Broza made me try out for the play,” said Brand. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

    Through out Junior High School and High School, Brand was in such musicals as Anything Goes, Bye Bye Birdie, West Side Story, and Crazy for You. But his greatest compliment came when he was in Oklahoma.

    “Some one came up to me after the show in my Junior Year. It was the coach for the football team,” said Brand. “He said to me I really didn’t want to come to the show. I was actually forced to come. Being in plays is not a popular thing, but you make it popular and fun. To have a coach say that to me, it meant a lot.”

    When coming to Quinnipiac, the doors to the acting world were open even more to Brand. It would be this year he would meet one of the most influential people in his life, Professor Crystal Brian.

    “I wanted to see what I could do when I got here. As luck would have it, it was [Brian’s] first year at the University also,” said Brand. “It couldn’t have been a better start.”

    Brian has been more then just a director to Brand; She was also a friend.

    “[Brian] is such a leader,” said Brand. “She has done everything for me, from theatre to school, even things on a personal level.”

    Brand said she has also been a mentor.

    “She is great when she works one on one with the actors. We thrive on it. Her style of Directing is great,” said Brand. “She quietly instills confidence in you when you are on the stage.”

    Brand stated Brian has taught him one of the most important lessons any actor should learn.

    “She taught me to use my potential, that no challenge is to great that you can’t take on when it comes to the acting world,” said Brand.

    In between acting seasons, Brand needs to keep his acting abilities sharp. He does this through acting in student produced films.

    “It is a lot of fun to act in those films,” said Brand. “There are tons of great minds out there with the camera.”

    During the summer of his freshman year, Brand also acting in the Elm Shakespeare Company’s production of Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    Brand states the best part of being in this production was watching actor and teacher Jim Andreassi perform and work.

    “I watched him like a hawk throughout the entire production,” said Brand. “I learned a lot from acting in that company. It showed me that I had a long way to go before reaching a hundred percent. It kept my head in check. It showed me how to carry myself on and off stage, and it let me work with a different director.”

    Brand, however, did not act with the company over the last two years.

    “I tried out for the plays,” said Brand. “But, then I decided to go home and save money for a car.”

    Brand does not know exactly what the future holds for him. But he knows what he wants to do.

    “I would love to direct a play. That is my goal for next year,” said Brand. “Long term wise, I would love to act in New York, or LA, or in the Chicago Comedy Clubs where Jim Carrey got his start.”

    On an even higher note, Brand knows want he does and does not want to do professionally.

    “I would love to work on Saturday Night Live,” said Brand. “But, I am going to stay away from Broadway. That is not my style.”

    For all who want to be actors out there, Brand wants to serve you up some professional advice.

    “If you want to get into acting, you just have to try out. I have had so many people come up to me after the show and tell me they were too scared,” said Brand. “You just have to enjoy acting. There is nothing to lose and if you get called back it will be a great experience.”

    But even with the knowledge of the future, the professional experience, and tons of acting skills, Brand says nothing could beat the theater program and the people he has met since entering the school.

    “Theater and the people I have meet here are the best memories I could have ever asked for,” said Brand. ” They are both a huge part of my life.”

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