Company places third at festival

Ashley Berry

On March 2, the Quinnipiac Dance Company, for the first time in its history, took part in the Spirit Festival, an on-campus competition against two other college dance teams.

The Quinnipiac Dance Company is a group of twenty-eight women and two men who have all continued to pursue their passion for dancing while in college.

This student-run organization has been preparing with endless hours of hard-work and dedication for their recent and upcoming performances.

Dance Company’s skills and talent gave the group a third place finish in the dance division.

Also at the competition, three women from Dance Company took place in the jumping competition against members of all the other teams at the competition.

Kerri Fice, Pamela Mack, and Kristina Angell completed three hundred fifty-six jumps in two minutes giving them first place in the jumping competition for most jumps.

The members of Dance Company who performed were proud of their accomplishments at the competition, and look forward to competing in other competitions in the future.

Dance Company also received recognition by being asked to perform at the recent women’s conference held here at Quinnipiac. Twelve members of Dance Company performed four dances as part of the conference.

“We were proud to be part of such a prestigious event here at Quinnipiac,” said sophomore member Fice.

Their final performance of the year will be held on May 1, 2 and 3 in Buckman Theatre here on campus. The women practice every day of the week, and at least one hour a week per dance.

The women also attend a stretch and conditioning class on Sundays as a part of their practice routine.

For their upcoming performance various members of Dance Company volunteer to choreograph different dances, and then the other Dance Company women learn those dances.

This year Dance Company has six seniors that will be graduating.

These men and women have worked so closely together dancing that they are practically a big family.

“We’re a very dedicated bunch of girls and we’re also a close knit group that loves to perform together,” said sophomore member Lisa Forte.

Dance Co. looks forward to their last performance together before the seniors leave and they hope that the Quinnipiac campus comes out to support these women, while they display their extraordinary talent for dancing.