Students re-initiate S.A.M.

Emily Wakeman

The Society for Advancement in Management (S.A.M.) is an international organization that has dissapated on campus due to lack of support and interest within the Quinnipiac community. One student, James Huntley, is determined to put the organization back on the map as a Quinnipiac organization.

According to its official consistution, the purpose of the organization is “to provide an opportunity for the members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability.”

Huntley said the organization no longer exists because of a lack of student interest. Recently, he re-initiated the organization and promoted it at the Involvement Fair. He had little luck promoting new students at this event.

In anticipation of re-initiating the organization, Huntley had developed several documents for the organization including a webpage, member handbook, and a constitution.

Quinnipiac’s former chapter of S.A.M. belonged to the oldest professional management association in the world dedicated to the general manager and was established in 1912.

Members of S.AM. share an interest in business and management. The organization is involved in many events including guest speakers, seminars, workshops, opportunities to strenghthen one’s resume, opportunities to build social networks and gain professional contacts.

Emphasis within the organization is on creating contacts between students and those in the field of management. S.A.M. also focuses on encoruaging students interested in the field of management, and recognizing those in the field who have made significant contributions.

Membership in the organization is a prestigious opportunity for business majors to get a head start in a career in management by making contacts, building their resumes, and seeing their field of management and the way it operates first hand.

Although this organization is not currently in operation at Quinnipiac, with enough student interest it can be re-initiated. If you are interested, contact [email protected]