Bombs fall, war begins again


(U-WIRE) STILLWATER, Okla. – As most students were off on some snowy peak or sunny beach enjoying their well-deserved spring break, the bombs of war began to fall on Baghdad as our president’s ultimatum to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ticked down to zero.

War has begun. Regardless of the protests at home or abroad, the first shots have been fired, and once again, the Middle East will be home to the horrible and gruesome realities of war. As 24-hour news crews cover the war from behind the front lines, Americans will watch another Persian Gulf war unfold on their television screens in between March Madness and the now seemingly insignificant responsibilities of life.

While a nation not fully behind the ideals of this particular war watches and waits, one thing America does with unity is supports its troops. As mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters are all off fighting a war under our flag, the support of our entire nation is behind them.

Supporting the troops may not be the same as support for the war, but it is the one thing that most Americans can agree upon. Life is as valuable as it is precious — whether it be American or Iraqi. The number of lives that Hussein has taken already is enough to justify the loss of more during battle, if only to prevent the taking of more lives in times of innocence.

While most Americans will never be privileged to all of the facts and circumstance surrounding this particular war, we must as citizens place trust in our leadership to use the power of our policing country to the best of our ability and morality. In this time of crisis we may never have access to the full disclosure of details and facts. The gristliness of battle may never be seen by the countless millions of eyes of Americans. The only ones who will ever know the truth of battle will be those we fight, and those fighting for us.

Our support goes out to the brave men and women, who above all are making the noblest sacrifice for their country in this time of crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with them throughout this conflict.

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