D-Day has come

Jamie DeLoma

D-Day is upon us. As the war that was on the horizon for months officially is now underway, we must take a step back and watch the news for a couple days before deciding whether or not our win will be as fast and decisive as the first Persian Gulf War (PGW I).

The President and his administration has been telling the nation for months that this will be a quick and easy defeat of Iraqi forces. At this time, several Iraqis have already surrendered to Allied forces but not in Baghdad but on the Kuwaiti boarder.

It is impossible to judge the ease of this war’s victory until we reach the center of the conflict – Baghdad. After all, Baghdad is a city surrounded by a modern-day moat filled with oil poised to burn the moment the “infidels” (the US) threatens the city. In Baghdad, President Saddam Hussein’s stronghold, his most loyal and best fighters have undoubtedly developed numerous plans to keep their leader alive and away from the American-led coalition. Baghdad is that place where the reason this war started is – Saddam Hussein.

Many fear that the US’ biggest problems lie in the ancient capital city. While the US excels at desert warfare, the same cannot be said about urban warfare. Americans must be prepared for high casualties, a slow war, use of chemical weapons and perhaps even major terrorist attacks in the US itself.

I have no doubt that we will disarm Iraq, as I am sure the great majority of Americans agree, I do, however, fear that it may take several months, if not years, to capture Saddam Hussein. Further, I fear that when cornered, Hussein will not hesitate in using Weapons of Mass Destruction against the US and his neighbors.