Curtain bows on ‘Antigone Project’

Helen Harrington

“I don’t live to hate, but to love,” is a famous quote from Quinnipiac’s latest theater production, “The Antigone Project” directed by Dr. Crystal Brian.
The performance was an original play based on Bertolt Brecht’s adaptation of a Sophocles Greek tragedy.
“The Antigone Project” is a production by the Quinnipiac Theater Program, the university’s academic theater program.
Students that participated in this production included both theater minors as well as other interested students.
The theme of the play is war and peace, individual conscience, and the dictates of the state.
“‘The Antigone Project’ uses Sophocles’ ancient tragedy to examine the way in which we all seem doomed to repeat the same cycle, again and again,” said Brian. “Will there ever be an end to war?”
This student production was in collaboration with the Albert Schweitzer Institute, and West Haven’s Veterans’ Administration Hospital’s Veterans’ Affairs Arts Council and Home Front.
These institutions hoped to use this play as a way to examine the American war experience and issues as informed by American war veterans.
The production involved both live performances and documentary video footage. After each performance, a discussion between the audience, actors, and veterans took place.
Performances were held from Feb. 27 through March 2.