SGA, Chartwells make cafe changes

Caroline Moses

Chartwells and the Student Government Association are working together to enact changes to both Café Q on the Mount Carmel campus, and the Rocky Top Café on York Hill campus, according to . Associate Director of Dining Services for Chartwells Leean Spalding.

As of this week, Mount Carmel’s Café Q now offers hot dogs served at the BYOB grill and Belgian waffles, as well as a new grocery section offering items such as eggs, milk and bread. Chartwells is working to continue adding to these offerings in the grocery section.

The 2014 and 2015 SGA class cabinets worked with Chartwells on several initiatives that students suggested over time.

“I like the changes that are being made in the cafeteria, especially the grocery section, but I feel that the grocery section should be expanded and have more options like butter and a wider range of fruits,” freshman Jessica Hernandez said.

Boar’s Head Deli will be coming soon to the Mount Carmel campus and students will soon be able to enjoy their hot sandwiches, according to SGA Vice President of Public Relations Ryan Scanlon.

“I think that what SGA is adding is a very good idea,” sophomore Danielle Berkowitz said. “I think it’s gonna give people a lot more variety of food and it’s going to make it more convenient, and people would actually want to come here.”

Although Berkowitz expressed sadness over the replacement of the popular Naked Pear Cafe station, she said that she and her friends were all very excited for the opening of the Boar’s Head Deli.

Over on the York Hill campus, the Rocky Top Café no has iced coffee, and soon instant cappuccino machines. Additionally, the York Hill cafeteria will serve pizzas on the weekends and extend its hours to eliminate the gap between lunch and dinner. The cafeteria will sell Outtakes and beverages at this time.

“Extending café hours is part of Student Government’s attempt at giving York Hill access to the same amenities that are available on Mount Carmel for the same amount of time,” junior class cabinet representative Theo Siggelakis said.

The next project SGA is planning will be having Rocky Top open 24/7 to give students a space to study at all hours of the night on the York Hill campus, according to Siggelakis.