Chemical season coming

Nancy Hall

With spring just around the corner, members of the facilities department are preparing for safe forms of fertilizers and pesticides on campus.

At various points throughout the year, different fertilizers and pesticides are used on the greenery here at Quinnipiac.

John Copela, Superintendent of Grounds, said that all of the fertilizers used are granular, which is to say that they are not airborne. This is not only better for the grass because it is fed straight into the roots, but it is also safer for the QU community.

Copela points out that the university is very conscious of environmental matters, using only chemicals that do not deplete the ozone layer. Although pesticide use is not frequent, they will occasionally use mild forms to control ants or other insects. Again, safety is the first thing considered when choosing the pesticides.

Before graduation, the facilities workers put down what is known as a granular iron. This is very good for the grass, making it greener, fuller and more presentable for the expected crowds.

Most of the chemical work is done by outside companies, contracted for their expertise. These companies provide various chemical supplies on an economically-sound basis.

Currently the university is looking around for a new fertilization and pesticide provider. The facilities employees work on the smaller areas of the campus like courtyards.

Copela assures that any and all of the chemicals that are put into the ground at Quinnipiac are safe for both plants and people.