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Two graduates establish law firm

The ambition of two Quinnipiac University School of Law graduates to relocate their practice to Somalia, Africa has become a reality.  After sharing office space for some time, West Hartford lawyers Abdul Abdurahman, a Somali immigrant, and Ryan Bausch founded The Law Offices of Bausch & Abdurahman together in West Hartford.

Four other attorneys have signed on since the firm’s establishment, which has become quite a success, with an ample list of clientele as evidence. Once the business’s foundation was secure, the duo began to discuss potential opportunities, leading to their interest in getting business back to Somalia.

Abdurahman became aware of the lacking legal services in Somalia when he spoke to the country’s government officials at peace conferences in England and Turkey.  Although civil war broke out when southern Somalia experienced religious persecution from the al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based portion of al-Qaeda, the war-torn country has started to reconstruct an environment suitable for prosperity.

The Sept. 10 election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was imperative to this goal as there hasn’t been a reliable central government since 1991.

Abdurahman left his home in Somalia at 22 years old, but remembers the people that were left behind.

“They were there when it was dangerous and risked their lives,” Abdurhman said of his fellow Somalis.

Now countless natives who fled are returning to help rebuild their nation, which Bausch and Abdurahman find purpose in as well.

“This seems like something that makes sense to me, something I can be proud of,” Bausch said.

Abdurahman’s reason to return is the improvement of his native home.

“It’s gotten better, and we have them to thank,” he said.

The two recently traveled to Somalia to see the conditions, and what Bausch saw was “reconstruction and hope.”

Somali government officials met with the lawyers and expressed a warm welcome, encouraging them to be of service to Somalia as businesses begin to form.

“These companies will need someone to interpret these [new government] regulations and how it affects them,” Abdurahman said. “Once there’s peace and security, Somalia will take off.”

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