Acapella group now on campus

Emily Wakeman

A group of sixteen talented singers performing the songs of pop favorites in perfect harmony for a captivated audience. This is the vision of one determined Quinnipiac student, Jocelyn Schwartz.

Schwartz, a freshman, recently had the dream of the Acapella Choir, and this semester her dream will become a reality as she has now established the Choir as an official Quinnipiac organization.

Schwartz said the group will be comprised ideally of sixteen talented students: four on each voice part. All the songs they sing will be performed acapella, without accompaniment. Therefore, the emphasis will be on vocal quality and tight harmonies, making the music more challenging for the singers.

Schwartz, who is also a part of the main singing group on campus, the Quinnipiac Singers, explains that there are many elements to her new group that will set it apart from other groups on campus.

“This won’t be like a chamber choir. We’ll perform pop songs like Billy Joel. We’ll also have more laid back uniforms for performing, rather than choir robes.”

Also different from the Quinnipiac Singers is the fact that the Acapella Choir will be run completely by students. Not only will the students control every aspect of the rehearsals and performances, they will also perform arrangements written by fellow students.

Ultimately, Schwartz hopes that the group will be able to create CD’s and travel around, performing to audiences all over the country.

Although the group is just beginning to establish itself, Schwartz has already begun to come up with ideas for future events and fundraisers. One idea is for students to buy singing telegrams for Valentine’s Day. Members of the choir will sing the message to the recipient at his or her door.

Another idea is a “Cabaret Night,” which Schwartz hopes the choir will be able to sponsor in the future. At this event, students will be able to showcase their talents in front of an audience.

Schwartz plans to hold auditions in the near future. At the auditions she will be looking for talented vocalists, preferably those with acapella experience. The auditions will be highly selective and will first require the student singing a song of their choice without accompaniment, and then a short sight reading test.

Some students will be called back and put into quartets. At that point, they will see which student’s voices blend best together.

The Acapella choir is “a chance for singers to get together and share a passion,” said Schwartz.

For more information e-mail [email protected] or adviser Timothy. [email protected] Information about auditions is forthcoming.