Student and professor publish book through joint effort

Katherine Rojas

The relationship between professor and student transformed to a relationship between colleagues when junior Gregory Rava and Professor of Arabic Hazza Abo Rabia published a book together this year.

Readers can enjoy learning about Palestine with photos and essays that were compiled and designed by Rava, while professor Abo Rabia wrote essays and provided pictures of his homeland, Nazareth, Palestine.

The book is titled “American(s) Dreaming: Iconic Images of Nazareth and Thoughts on the Holy Land.” All proceeds from the book went to support a local hospital in Nazareth, according to a MyQ announcement.

“Hazza wrote some wonderful essays for the book about his returns to Nazareth, and the pictures he has of the town are fantastic artifacts,” Rava said. “I absolutely loved working with Hazza on the book.”

Rava’s friend informed him about his Arabic professor needing help designing a book of pictures about Nazareth. Rava designed the book from layout of the pictures, to the placement of the text and the cover, Rava said.

“Hazza gave me some specifications, such as colors he wanted, but he also gave me a lot of creative control,” Rava said. “All of the design skills I needed for the book I learned from the IDD courses here at QU, as well as the Interactive Design Organization meetings on Tuesday nights.”

This was Rava’s first “real job as a designer” and is what he hopes to do one day in a professional capacity, he said.

Rava is currently working with Abo Rabia to finish a second book with a similar style but on Jerusalem.

James Pharo contributed to this story.