Hot sandwich counter to replace The Naked Pear

Nicole Armenia

The option of creating your own flat bread will soon be expanded after Chartwell’s plans to improve the Naked Pear with a new hot sandwich deli opening by the end of September, according to Associate Director of Chartwells Leean Spalding said.

The Naked Pear is a made-to-order flat bread sandwiches bar and pre-made salads. Due to lack of student-produced business, The Naked Pear will soon no longer be an option for students.

Spalding, said the dining option was not producing student business.

“Every station in the café needs to occupied with student business,” Spalding said.  “We are effected by one slow station.”

By contrast, the deli has too much traffic, causing two separate lines for its customers. The Naked Pear simply cannot compete.

Chartwell’s has been preparing for a change, making an ambitious idea a reality by creating a new way to make The Naked Pear a success among the student body. For more than two weeks, Spalding has been planning to offer more choices to the students such as hot deli sandwiches like meatball grinders to sandwiches for vegetarians. Accordingly, this new option will potentially double or triple the sales of The Naked Pear.

Students are beginning to anticipate this new idea, like freshman Rebecca Maioriello.

“I’m excited to see more choices, especially healthy ones,” Maioriello said.

The hot deli will be a completely different station compared with the existing neighboring deli. Spalding described the food as “fresh-to-cut, made-to-order and a healthy choice.”

The sandwich meat will be freshly cooked for the students and made by an Impinger oven, a rotary oven that roasts all your favorite meats and freshly cut for a custom sandwich, in addition to a standardize vegetarian option as well.