Senior Bucket Lists

Anna Wagner

Josh Satter
Age: 21
Major: Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Dover, Mass.
1. Run across basketball game
2. Get hit by a golf cart to get free tuition
3.Make Dean’s List
4.Swim in Hep creek
5.Actually eating at York Hill cafe
6.Hijack QU security card
7. Take Java John to a sea food dinner
8. Raid central duty’s confiscation closet

Ryan Ciarellio
Age: 21
Major: Management
Hometown: Oakland, N.J.
1. Ride my quad on York Hill
2. Hijack a shuttle and drive it up York Hill
3. Make Deans List
4. Hunt a turkey on York Hill
5. Meet my wife at Toads

Jenn Migliozzi
Age: 21
Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Reading, Mass.
1. Go to Eli’s on Whitney
2. Climb the Giant again
3. Do an SPB sponsored overnight trip
4. Stay all night at Relay for Life
5. Go to a Yankees game sponsored by QU

Steven Robertson
Age: 21
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Wallingford, Conn.
1. Take a sign from QU
2. Drive a golf cart around campus
3. Ride the Bobcat one last time
4. Shoot a basket in the TD Bank Center
5. Write my name and graduation year on a major landmark on campus

Andrea Carlone
Age: 20
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Marlboro, N.J.
1.To make Dean’s list
2. Make Magnum Cum Laude (3.7 GPA when I graduate)
3. Climb the Bobcat
4. Climb the white trail on Sleeping Giant
5. Long board down York Hill

Matthew “Holla” Torres
Age: 21
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: White Plains, N.Y.
1. Drive a club car
2. Ride a scooter down York Hill
3. Steal a sign
4. Have a snowball fight on the fifth floor of York Hill parking garage
5. Walk across frozen Hep creek
6. Have a party on the top of Rocky Top widows walk

Kate-Lyn Crooks
Age: 21
Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown: Northfield, N.J.
1. Go ice skating on frozen hep creek
2. Run up York Hill
3. Take a picture with “Java John”
4. Have Ray and Mike’s name a sandwich after me
5. Play guitar on the library steps or in the Quad.

Ariel Relafort
Age: 21
Major: English
Hometown: Torrington, Conn.
1. Win at Bingo
2. Get a lead role in a QU Theatre production
3. Organize a flash mob on the quad
4. Wear the Boomer costume
5. Win an essay or story competition

Emilie Classi
Age: 21
Hometown: Valley Stream, N.Y.
Major: Marketing
1. Make amazing memories
2. Meet more people
3. Have a barbecue
4. Hold an position in an organization
5. Do the Big Event and Relay for Life
6. Go on Spring Break

Alexandra Koplowitz
Age: 22
Hometown: Warren, N.J.
Major: Public Relations
1. Get involved
2. Climb the Giant one last time
3. Do Relay for Life
4. Do well in school
5. Go on Spring Break