Ethics lesson

Sean Hughes - Staff Writer

Wasn’t it obvious what the Democratic Party was trying to pull off at the Wellstone memorial service?
The service, which quickly deterioated into a political rally, was a complete disgrace to the memory of the late Senator, and to anyone who wanted to put politics aside for one day. The Republican challenger cancelled all campaign activities until after the funeral.
It is quite amusing how most well-known Democrats will not dare state their true motives or tactics. They are always lying to the American people.
According to many highly regarded sources, Vice President Cheney wasn’t invited, because top Democratic consultant James Carville didn’t want him to attend. Democrats blamed the overflow of security as the reason Cheney wasn’t invited.
Wasn’t this a memorial? A memorial is a time to grieve. President Clinton, the whole Democratic Party’s base and the power brokers of the Senate and House could attend. Would they have said no to our commander in chief?
The late Senator Wellstone and President Bush were more similar than most politicians on both sides would ever like to believe. Both believed in principles, although very different principles, and they did what others didn’t believe in.
Independent Governor Jesse Ventura, who had different principles than anyone at the memorial rally, not a memorial service, walked out. Most Republicans shared his outrage at the political tactics employed during the service. Some Democrats blame the Wellstone family, but it goes much deeper than that.
There was not much time for the next candidate, former Vice President Walter Mondale to campaign. This was a perfect time for all Minnesota residents to see the Democratic Party’s new or old poster candidate. The only problem was that this event was supposed to be a memorial service. Was the Republican Party given this much time to praise their Minnesota candidate?
Democrats usually bash Republicans for abusing the system, but this time the Democrats are to blame. The Democrats still use excuses for failed promises. They are the reason why most legislation has failed over the last couple of years. Stop blaming the President or the Republicans for not agreeing with their policies. Have some guts to make a stance on an issue, for once.
Follow the example of Paul Wellstone. He stood up against using force against Iraq without using diplomatic means first. Where were his Democratic Party colleagues then? Democrats were not supportive of Wellstone, but couldn’t wait for the President’s policies to fail.
It is a complete disgrace that Democrats would use the Wellstone memorial service for a means that he would completely disagree with.
Wellstone would have walked out with Governor Ventura and gone against normal Democratic Party thought. Wellstone was a reformer elected to the Congress from a professor’s chair in Minnesota.
Nov. 5 was a day of redemption for the Republican Party in Minnesota. Senator-Elect Coleman shocked us all and took Minnesota, helping the Republican Party take back control of the Senate. The sympathy votes tactic by the Democrats backfired and help decide this Minnesota election.
GOP hopefuls wanted a change in 2002 and employed a President Bush led attack across the nation. Too bad Democrats still use old tactics rather than letting the people decide who is best to represent their state.