New committee to promote Bobcat pride

Katie Koproski

The Student Government Association has created a new ad-hoc committee to promote bobcat pride and school spirit on campus.
“Many people do not even know that the bobcat is our mascot,” said Melissa Dudra, president of the SGA.
The committee is composed of people in student government that are interested in pursuing ideas that promote pride. The committee has written a proposal for President John Lahey to review, which consists of several ideas for the bobcat mascot.
Some possible ideas include changing the name of the Rathskellar to “The Cat” and the name of the Landing Zone to “The Cat’s Den.”
There is also the suggestion for Dorm Road to be called “Bobcat Alley.” Dudra said students may see paw prints representing those of a bobcat leading to the gym and locker rooms, and a possible stencil of a bobcat on the ground at outdoor events.
The committee is also looking to put a statute of a bobcat outside of the gym at the new Rocky Top Campus that is being built off of Sherman Avenue.
Dudra said the idea is that people will pick up the fact that the bobcat is the school mascot and be proud of it.
“We are looking at schools such as the University of Connecticut where there is pride for the mascot,” said Dudra.
Quinnipiac is hoping to create that same sense of spirit.
The committee is also considering an auction with all Braves materials, which will be open to students, faculty and alumni. The money would be used to fund the new bobcat materials around campus, and some may be donated to charity.
There are both long-term and short-term suggestions to promote pride on campus , and the committee hopes to implement as many ideas as possible before Thursday Night Madness on Nov. 14.