New route for shuttle buses

The shuttle buses that are provided by Quinnipiac University to students and staff are no longer using New Road. Safety measures and concerns from local residents and bus drivers are the reason for the change in the driving route, according to Chief of Security and Safety, John Twining.
The road itself is narrow, curvy and not well lit.
These factors, as well as having the shuttles run through a residential area are all reasons to not drive a coach bus down New Road, especially when there is a better route using Whitney Avenue, said Twining.
The shuttle buses are provided for the students to use at their convenience. They go to and from various destinations in Hamden and New Haven, including the off-campus parking lots, Whitney Avenue and West Woods.
Security received complaints from local residents about the shuttles.
Twining said one local resident was concerned over her China dishes falling onto the floor when buses drove past her home on New Road at the speed limit of 35 miles per hour.
The drivers also felt that using the section of Mount Carmel Avenue to get to Whitney Avenue would be better. Twining said the drivers thought the turn from Ives to New Road was not a safe turn for passengers, or local residents, whether jogging or walking.