Dear Shelly


Dear Shelly,
Last year, I became really close with a fine lady that I worked with since I was her manager.
Due to our identical work schedules, we would spend a great amount of time together, allowing our friendship to strengthen.
I began to appreciate seeing her on a daily basis, and when I did she would brighten my day.
This year, our friendship has been strained. She and I have extremely busy schedules, and planning time just to see each other is a challenge.
How can I let her know that I still care for her greatly and miss all our time together, even though it is on a much more limited basis this year?
-Missing her in Marlboro-

Dear Missing,
It is a hard concept to swallow, when a friend who lives so close and means so much to you is impossible to track down.
You honestly care for this friend, right? Though it is a challenge, it proves true, when there is a will there is a way.
So, what can you do to ensure your friend does not feel abandoned?
I am quite sure she must be feeling the loss of you not being around. If both express these feelings and not dwell in the absence, then the friendship will keep thriving.
Tell her how you truly feel through a “thinking of you” card slipped under her door or a memento in her mailbox.
She will appreciate the thought even if she cannot have you in person.
There is one more aspect for you to look at. Spending time with your friends, just taking time to tell them about your day and laughing at your friend’s sense of humor is also a reward for both of you.
I promise you, if your friend thinks as highly of you as you of her, she could never forget you.
For your sake, I hope she is in the audience reading this letter. If not, bring her this issue and drop it in her lap. She will get the hint!

Hope this helps,